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Different interests: problem or possibility?

Differences and contradictions-that which often attracts us to each other: to be with someone who is too much like us and I agree with us, boring. But what to do if the partner’s interests are not just different, but diametrically opposite to our? How to preserve the union if there are few common topics?

At the beginning of the relationship, any feature of the partner seems attractive, extraordinary. But as they get used to each other, much of what previously delighted, begins to annoy. This applies to differences in character, worldview, attitude to life, interests and hobbies. We evaluate others by our own standards and compare with us. So, we strive to block for ourselves.

How to get closer through differences

The differences are not terrible for those who feel with a partner a single whole. A common goal, a joint business, a dream - can be united by anything, and this becomes a foundation on which even completely different people build a happy and rich life. Find what unites, come up with a common cause, and the dissimilarity will no longer play a role.

The more differences, the more interesting to each other. You have unlimited possibilities to surprise a partner and bring diversity into life together. Moreover: even if you are sure that there is nothing in common between you, it is not the fact that this is true. Try a simple technique that will convince you of the opposite. Make a list of classes that carry you away, ask your partner to do the same, exchange written. Practice shows that in almost every pair there are unexpected points of contact, which allow people to take a fresh look at their union.

Here are a few more rapprochement ways.

  1. Sex. Different preferences, fantasies and techniques can improve intimate life. The joy of giving the partner pleasure brings together.
  2. Trust communication. It is important to speak on a variety of topics during the day, not only about household trifles and responsibilities, but also about what excites you, causes interest. When discussing dreams, plans, music, films, you can realize how multifaceted the personality of the partner is, and to open it again.
  3. Tactile contact. If partners are often hugged, attachment lasts longer. Kisses, hugs and touch are non -verbal signals that the partner is not indifferent to you.
  4. Conversation in the language of love of a partner. What language is the partner? What is more important to him - praise and gratitude, the time spent with you, gifts, help or touch? Not always the languages of the love of spouses coincide.
  5. Dates-scurry. Try to keep romance in a relationship as long as possible. To do this, make the habit of inviting each other to dates, organizing something unusual to your taste. The difference in approaches will diversify the relationship.

When the differences are destructive for relations?

The Union has a future if partners mutually enrich and complement each other. But in some cases the differences are dangerous.

1. Conservative life scenario

If one spouse requires unconditional submission, and the second - respect for personal space, conflict cannot be avoided. As a rule, despotistical partners are not inclined to recognize their shortcomings and change the line of behavior, so the second one remains either to submit or leave.

2. Rejection of differences

Partners should take the same number of steps towards each other. If only one of the spouses is compromised, the union is far from a successful.

3. Dependence on the opinions of others

Your relationship concerns only two of you. If the opinion of others affects the opinion of others, it is important to pull away from them at least until you are able to protect the marriage and your point of view.

The difference in the interests is not a sentence. On the contrary, with the right approach, it allows you to make relations more saturated and diverse. The main thing is to observe the balance, not to pull the

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